Vol 71, No 2-3 (2015)

Table of Contents

Thematic issue: The legacy of Corrado Gini in population studies

An introduction PDF
Filomena Racioppi, Rosella Rettaroli, Salvatore Strozza, Maria Letizia Tanturri
A short personal recollection of Corrado Gini PDF
Antonio Golini
Some un-noticed insights in Gini’s cyclical theory of populations PDF
Piero Manfredi, Giuseppe Annibale Micheli
Sex imbalances at birth in migratory context: evidence from Italy PDF
Elena Ambrosetti, Livia Elisa Ortensi, Cinzia Castagnaro, Marina Attili
Educational assortative mating in Italy: what can Gini's homogamy index still say? PDF
Alessandra De Rose, Romina Fraboni
Corrado Gini’s contribution to estimates of Italian military deaths in the First World War PDF
Alessio Fornasin
Foreigners in Italy: reflections on some measurements and analyses by Gini PDF
Stefania Rimoldi, Gian Carlo Blangiardo
Modeling transfers of unpaid resources by age and sex within the framework of input-output models PDF
Emilio Zagheni
Sensitivity of model-based human mortality measures to exclusion of the Makeham or the frailty parameter PDF
Trifon I. Missov, László Németh
Selection criteria of partner: comparison between transnational and homogamous couples in Italy PDF
Giuseppe Gabrielli, Anna Paterno
Foreigners in Italy: economic living conditions and unmet medical needs PDF
Annalisa Busetta
Residential segregation of foreigners: an analysis of the Italian city of Palermo PDF
Annalisa Busetta, Angelo Mazza, Manuela Stranges
Leaving the parental home in Italy during the economic crisis PDF
Emiliano Sironi, Alessandro Rosina
Self-rated health among disabled persons: the multifaceted relevance of social integration PDF
Elena Pirani

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