Thematic issue: The legacy of Corrado Gini in population studies

Corrado Gini’s contribution to estimates of Italian military deaths in the First World War

Alessio Fornasin


In 1926, Corrado Gini published a study which estimated the number of Italian military deaths during WWI. In the same year, the Ministry of War initiated the compilation of the Albo d’oro (Roll of Honour), an ambitious project which aimed to determine the number and record the names of all the military personnel killed during the conflict, and which was not completed until 1964. Referring to Gini’s work, this paper examines the different estimates of Italian military deaths in light of information contained in the Albo d’oro.

Alessio FORNASIN, Researcher, Department of Economic and Statistics, University of Udine, Italy. E-email:


WWI; Mortality; History of statistics

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